Kit Kat is not only a candy bar anymore!

05 Oct 2013, Posted by evo-jeremy in Evobimix

You probably heard about it or not, but Google teams have officially announced the release name of their future operating system version 4.4! What happened to the first nomenclature “Key Lime Pie”? Google appeared to have changed it quickly in the late August, since they came into a deal with Nestle… When you see all the joined efforts made to promote these chocolate bars, you can tell everyone wins his part. Many chocolate addicts took advantage of the massive advertising campaign to savor mega bites of Kit Kat. Anyway, this new tasty edition follows perfectly the naming system that Google has used since Android 1.5 (Cupcake).

After more than a year with the exquisite Jelly Bean, leaks seem to indicate that Google is going to launch Kit Kat this month (October 14th?). As a coincidence or not, this comes up right at the moment of the Nexus 5 release announce, which will certainly run the crunchy version. Rumors have reached a point of agreement about the expected features: Kit Kat should include a brand new gallery app, new notification widgets, APIs regarding animations, a more powerful core, full HD display…

And even more updates you want to see:


“Have a break, have Kit Kat!”

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